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Last year, Ethiopia broke a world record by planting

354 million trees in just 12 HOURS

This historic action didn’t stop there - The country has planted 4 billion trees in 2019 as part of a wider reforestation campaign named

Green Legacy

spearheaded by the country's

Prime Minister and

Nobel Peace Prize winner

Abiy Ahmed Ali

This year, the Green Legacy Initiative’s Annual Day of Planting is slated to plant another

350 million seedlings this July X 

to contribute to the proposed

5 billion trees by the end of 2020


We at Green Land Development Foundation are working with The Ethiopian Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC) and Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) to get international attention and participation in this enormously significant day. 

“Politicians around the world have pointed to Ethiopia as an example of what can be done to reforest their own countries and reverse the effects of both damaging farming techniques and climate change.” (BBC news)

In 2018, at 41 years of age, Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali became the youngest head of government in Africa. In 2019, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for his efforts toward attaining peace and international cooperation, particularly for his work to end his country’s 20 year border conflict with neighboring Eritrea. As Prime Minister, Abiy has also managed to inspire his people to stop fighting amongst each other. Committed to peace, he has also resolved other regional conflicts, serving as a mediator in conflicts between Eritrea and Djibouti and between Kenya and Somalia and in Sudan’s civil conflict.

“Our Green Legacy initiative is critical to Ethiopia’s aspirations to build a green and climate-resilient economy," 

- Prime Minister Ahmed

more about The green Legacy

#GreenLegacy, for a greener and cleaner Ethiopia, is a national go green campaign, endeavoring to raise the public’s awareness about Ethiopia’s frightening environmental degradation and, educate society on the importance of adapting green behavior.

#GreenLegacy, is an ambitious undertaking to become a green society by planting various types of eco-friendly seedling to combat environmental degradation and, a national platform that will be used for various societal green activities.

Under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Administration, Ethiopia invites the society to be actively involved in handling of environmental problems. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ali
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OUR founder
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Gashaw Tahir, founder and CEO of GLDF, is recognized internationally as the Father of the Green Movement in Ethiopia. He started Green Land Development Foundation when he realized his home in Ethiopia had changed drastically because of severe deforestation, and so he started planting trees.


Based in Los Angeles and established in 2006, Green Land Development Foundation (GLDF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that focuses its efforts on the alarming rate of environmental degradation in Ethiopia and beyond. GLDF’s principal focus is to support and amplify Ethiopia’s reforestation and food-sustainability movements.

“As part of the Green Legacy Initiative, the scheme is an example to the rest of the world of what is possible when a nation works together to help protect the things they love.”  (CNBC AFRICA)

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Tropical Leaves

GIVE TODAY TO support GLDF in their efforts to fight global climate change

“If Ethiopia can plant 350 million trees in a day, what can we accomplish in the fight against climate change?”

(Baltimore Sun)

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