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Endorsement Guidelines


  1. Tell us who you are, what you do, and share your thoughts on what Ethiopia is doing with the Green Legacy Initiative.

  2. Your video should be at least 15 seconds long and no longer than 90 seconds.

  3. Recording on a recent model cell phone is acceptable.

  4. If shot on a phone, please make it horizontal/landscape orientation.

  5. If shot on a professional camera, please provide a video with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080px.

  6. Make sure you are in a well-lit area.

  7. Small rooms have the best acoustics to relay your message.

  8. Please don’t have any logos or brands in the video with you, except for your organization.

  9. Please view the video example below for reference.


  1. In 2020, Ethiopia has pledged to plant 5 billion trees during the rainy season

  2. As of August 13, 2020, Ethiopia planted all 5 billion trees that were pledged for this year, one month ahead of schedule

  3. Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali created the Green Legacy Initiative in 2019, pledging and successfully planting 4 billion trees that year

  4. Ethiopia broke the world record by planting 354 million trees in 12 hours on July 29, 2019

  5. In the early 20th century, 35% to 40% of Ethiopia was covered by forests, and by 2000 that figure was just 3%

  6. The Green Legacy Initiative has been reported in most major news sources, including The New York Times,
    BBC and CNN

  7. Over the past 50 years Ethiopia has lost 98% of its forested regions.

  8. Between 1990 and 2010, Ethiopia lost 18.6% of its forest cover.

  9. Between 1993 and 2011 Ethiopia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions grew 86%

Barry Simon, President of the United Nations Association in Southern California

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